1. Where can I buy spectator tickets for the 2017 Turkey Run?
    General admission tickets are available online two months before the event or at the speedway during show days.
    Spectator admission for the Spring Show is $10/day Fri and Sat, $5 Sun. Admission for the Fall Show is $15/day Thurs-Sat, $10 Sunday.  Children 11 and under free.

  2. Are Turkey Run events held anywhere else but the Speedway?
    No, there are no Turkey Run events held anywhere else but the Daytona International Speedway. Daytime and Nightime. This is a big event and other promoters, bars, shopping centers, time share resorts, etc. are sponsoring auto-themed nightime festivities. They may be called TurkeyTrots, TurkeyFests, TurkeyCruises Turkey TimeShare-a-thons or whatever. They may even have dancing girls and jugglers. They are NOT associated with the Turkey Run. Most of these promoters are fine people that want to give you another place to go in the evening and spend a few bucks, but they are NOT part of the Turkey Run and cannot sell event tickets or souvenirs.

  3. Can I put a “For Sale” sign on my vehicle in the Car Show field?
    No, not until the Car Corral sells out. We will announce when the Car Corral sells out and you will then be able to display your sign.

  4. Why do I need a special sticker to be in the Car Corral?
    The Turkey Run Car Show is a separate event from other events at the show. You will need a different sticker for the Car Corral, Swap Meet, Food Vendors and Crafts. Click HERE for additional FAQ’s for the SwapMeet, Car Corral and Arts & Fashion.

    They are no longer allowed inside the speedway as handicapped mobility aids. Personal handicapped conveyances only, are allowed. (If you can take it into Wal-Mart, you can bring into the Turkey Run).

  6. PETS: Pets are allowed at the Turkey Run. They must be leashed and picked up after. Bring your own pooper-scooper. Pets must remain with you at all times. Not roaming around.

  7. ENTRY PASSES: All registered Car Show PARTICIPANTS are allowed to bring their car and contents into the Speedway infield. This includes participants, wives, husbands, aunts, uncles, children, etc. Four passengers max per car please.  Additional "walk in" passes are included with your registration to allow participants to walk in and out of the speedway during the show. The Swap Meet and Car Corral have different requirements. CLICK HERE for FAQ’s for the Swap Meet and Car Corral.

    Advanced Club Parking is just that... Club Parking. It means that your club has reserved a group of spaces in advance and has a reserved location with your club's name on it. This enables your club to park together in the infield. All other participants park in the infield on a "first come-first served" basis. If your club didn't pre-reserve a spot, don't worry! You will park in the same infield as everyone else. You won't have to park in Orlando. For additional info on Club Parking, CLICK HERE.

    Support vehicles are NOT allowed in the infield area. Trailered cars are not allowed to unload inside the “car show” section of the speedway. If your vehicle doesn't run you will have no way to get it inside the speedway unless you bring a bunch of strong friends.
    You can now drop off your trailer and tow rig at gate 70,  (9am to midnight).
    On show days,  dropoff is at gate 60 from 7am to 3pm  and gate 70 from 4pm to midnight .
    Trailer parking is FREE for the Spring show and $30.00 for the Fall show.
    All vehicles must be removed from the speedway by noon the following Monday after the show.

  10. As a Car Show participant, do I have to be there every day? Can I come and go as I please?
    You have complete control over what you do at the Turkey Run. You can be there as many or as few days as you please. You can come and go as many times as you want, but you must exit during the day through the east tunnel. You can leave your car inside the Speedway overnight but you must remove it by Monday at noon. Vendors are required to participate each day of the event. Please read Swap Meet FAQ’s here. (please provide that link again to FAQ section)

  11. If I register my '34 Ford but it's not ready, can I bring a different vehicle instead?
    Yes, you can bring another vehicle that is a SHOW QUALITY CAR ONLY!  Additional information on what a Show Quality Car is can be found HERE.

  12. How can I get into the Turkey Run if I registered but didn't bring my showcar?
    Present your confirmation postcard at any spectator gate. They will let 2 people per card into the Speedway for all 4 days. Once you're inside the speedway, go to the show registration tent (Look for the REGISTRATION BLIMP!) and pick up your registration package. This package will include your "walk in" tickets for the rest of the weekend.

  13. What if I’m not a Classic Car Fan?
    There is still lots to see. We have a large Artisan Alley with art and fashion, great food, entertainment, Little Gobbler’s Play Zone and so much more.

  14. If I purchase some heavy parts at the Swap Meet, how can I get them out of the speedway?
    Special golf carts are available throughout the swap meet area. Please call 386-681-4284 for Vendor dispatch and a parts hauler will be dispatched to your location.

  15. I see a lot of scooters at the event. Are these available for rent?
    Yes, these scooters are available from SCOOTAROUND.
    You can contact them at 888-441-7575 to reserve a scooter. You can also visit them online at SCOOTAROUND.

  16. Why do I see a lot of kids and able bodied people diving the scooters. I thought that they were available for handicapped people only?
    The ADA, (Americans with Disabilities Act) prohibits asking anyone that rents a scooter to provide proof of a disability. We cannot do anything about this without violating US law.

  17. Where do spectators park and is there a charge?
    Spectator parking is free and is located on the outside of the speedway. There is parking available on the west end, east end and on the front side off International Speedway Boulevard. There is also handicapped parking at all of these locations and ADA shuttles to assist you to the ticket booths. During the fall show there is also offsite parking available and a free shuttle. Please arrive early to avoid traffic.